THOR GUARD has been developing and manufacturing Lightning Prediction Systems since 1973. Driven by ever-improving hardware and software, THOR GUARD systems have utilized unique electrostatic storm data to advance our unmatched technology in order to provide customers with the most reliable Lightning Warning Systems available today and over the 46 years we have been in business. THOR GUARD's success is backed by the countless lives we have touched. Our commitment to strive for perfection is boundless, even though we know that absolute perfection in the area of Lightning Warning seems inconceivable. Any improvements we can make, regardless of the cost, are worth pursuing. The NEW TG360 is the culmination of nearly five decades of research and development.

THOR GUARD customers, from time to time, make recommendations regarding features and products they would like to see included with their THOR GUARD. Features such as faster and more reliable lightning detection, useful real time weather data, accurate severe storm warnings for their location, quicker all clear times and longer pre-storm notifications along with an interactive ThorTV App. While the App will be coming in the next few months, most of those requests have been implemented in the NEW TG360. For instance, the new prediction technology samples the atmosphere over 170,000 time per second and our new prediction based lightning detection provides instantaneous distance and direction to lightning strikes in the immediate area. Our weather data interface provides wind speed and direction, temperature, humidity evapotransperation rates and two distinct levels of heat index warnings. We have also included GENS, our Emergency Notification System. Over time, the Tornado Prediction System will evolve as additional data is provided by local storms neighboring TG360 systems. Included with all of these new features is a three-year warranty which includes lightning damage and software upgrades for the life of the system. The TG360 is the complete weather system we have always wanted to produce! Five years in the making, more than 90,000 hours of beta testing and well worth the wait!

Existing THOR GUARD Customers who wish to upgrade will receive a generous trade in credit for their current THOR GUARD system which is still in operation, and move to the front of the delivery line to have their new system assembled and shipped quickly. THOR GUARD is in business because of our customers and as such, you all deserve the best service we can provide.

On behalf of everyone at THOR GUARD, I thank each of you for making this journey a trip worth pursuing!